FSR Patient Advocate Eligibility, Roles and Responsibilities

Patient Advocates are the heart of what FSR does. From supporting their peers one-on-one, sharing their stories and empowering their communities, spreading awareness far and wide, in whatever they do, they are leaders. FSR believes in our Patient Advocate community and in order to support our amazing leaders, we provide exclusive trainings arming our Advocates with the tools and skills they need to a leader in the space.

Universal Eligibility

  • You are an individual patient, caregiver, or have a connection to sarcoidosis
  • You do not hold a leadership position within another sarcoidosis national or international organization (Leadership of localized and/or social media only-based groups does not affect eligibility)
  • Complete 2022-23 Patient Advocate Application
  • Successfully pass interview

Responsibilities & Activities

These vary by position. Please make sure you are clear on which role(s) you are applying for. You may apply for multiple roles within the same application. A short overview of each position available and the unique eligibility requirements are noted below.

Patient/Caregiver Advocate

Patient Advocates are specially trained volunteer leaders who support FSR initiatives, awareness, empower their communities, and work to affect change in the sarcoidosis space. Advocates work on teams lead by Advocate Coaches to empower patients and facilitate grassroots outreach through the amplification of FSR messaging, awareness fundraising and sharing patient or caregiver experiences. As an Advocate, you will play a pivotal role in encouraging others to volunteer and engage with FSR.

Additional Eligibility Requirements:

  • Complete FSR Patient Advocate Training Dates TBD
  • Complete any additional trainings provided by FSR

Patient Navigator

Patient Navigators are matched with new patients/caregivers who have applied to the Patient Navigation program via FSR’s website in search of guidance and support.

Some of the biggest hurdles patients with sarcoidosis and their caregivers face are lack of credible information and feelings of isolation. The purpose of the FSR Patient Navigation Program is to bridge that gap through one-on-one support with patients and caregivers who get it because they’ve been there. Patient Navigators will use their knowledge of resources and ability to assist patients and/or caregivers in their sarcoidosis journey for up to 45 days.

Additional Eligibility Requirements:

  • Complete FSR Patient Advocate Training Dates TBD
  • Complete and pass FSR Patient Navigator Training September TBD
  • You are a sarcoidosis patient or are/have been a direct caregiver for someone with sarcoidosis, and have the time and passion to invest in one-on-one support
  • You’re comfortable talking about your or your loved one’s disease and the effects it has had, and you are prepared to provide support on how to manage the challenges it brings.
  • You are already, or have a desire to become, an expert in sarcoidosis and chronic disease support and services on a national scale
  • You are able to commit to taking 1-2 patients/caregivers every 45-days
  • You have a record of excellence in providing one-on-one support to patients and caregivers
  • Upon acceptance, all Patient Advocates must adhere to the rules, policies and regulations as laid out during training. This includes code of conduct requirements, confidentiality, and identification as an FSR Patient Advocate for any and all speaking and/or presentation engagements regarding sarcoidosis. 
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