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FSR is excited to launch our Patient and Caregiver Webinar/Discussion Series. This program allows you to be in the driver's seat. It's a little bit storytelling, and a little bit sharing what's worked for you in the past. Our series is meant to provide both practical and inspirational ideas to the Sarcoidosis Community. Please feel free to include any additional ideas from your professional background as well! Some examples may include: 

  • Self-Care: how do you engage in this practice? What has worked for you or what didn't work fo you in the past? What hurdles did you overcome to get to a place of regular self-care? Or perhaps what do you put in place to ensure you can keep your self-care practices? 
  • Communication: Talking to friends and family about the importance of mask-wearing in COVID-19. 
  • Resource Building: What resources do you know about and how did you access them. 
  • Resilience: How as Sarcoidosis made you more resilient. What lessons have you learned from your experiences that can help others in their journeys. 

All submissions should include actionable skills, tips, or tricks. If you are utilizing your professional background, please ensure your pitch is evidence-informed. In either case, FSR may ask your to provide useful links, and background information. 

You can submit an idea by yourself, or work on a submission with a fellow sarcoidosis warrior or caregiver! The sky is the limit!

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.