The Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research is the nation’s leading nonprofit organization dedicated to finding a cure for this disease and to improving care for sarcoidosis patients. Since its establishment in 2000, FSR has fostered over $5 million in sarcoidosis-specific research efforts and has worked diligently to provide resources to thousands. Find all open applications below.

FSR Fellowship Grant

The FSR Fellowship Grant provides an opportunity for early-stage investigators to develop specialized skills and gain experience in clinical settings directly within the field of sarcoidosis and contribute directly to advancing knowledge within the field and medical care for patients. Each candidate must apply with a proposed study that is innovative and likely to add significant education to the field. The Fellows are placed at world-renowned medical centers throughout the United States.
The FSR Fellowship Grant is designed to increase clinician and researcher engagement and commitment within the sarcoidosis field. The intent of the opportunity is, through funding, to ensure medical professionals interested in sarcoidosis and related aspects can remain in the field.

FSR prefers that the first year of training involves patient management, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures followed by a second year of training partially focused on a research project.

Fellowship Specifics:

· FSR will fund one fellowship for a two-year period. Maximum funding is $75,000 per year per fellow ($150,000 per Fellow over a two-year period).

· Applicants must describe career goals relating to a long-term commitment to sarcoidosis research and clinical care.

· The funding, restricted to the compensation package of the Fellow, will be provided directly to the hosting institute bi-annual, dependent on receiving a successful bi-annual progress report. Funding does not allow overhead.

· As funded by FSR, host will provide stipend or salary for a year, at a locally competitive rate, payable directly to the Fellow

· There is no obligation by a potential Host Institution to make an offer or by a Fellow to accept an employment offer beyond the Fellowship agreement.

· Applicants must submit proof of IRB submission or IRB approval before funding is provided.
Applications will be evaluated in the following areas:


• Commitment to, or intent to pursue, a career related to sarcoidosis.

• Quality of academic background and previous training

• Applicant’s description of career goals as they may be related to long-term commitment to sarcoidosis research, quality improvement or care


• Established sarcoidosis clinician/physician-scientist with experience in training fellows

• Commitment of the primary Mentor for the duration of applicants training and/or project plan

Training Program

• Overall quality and organization of the training program

• Value of proposed training or career development

• Potential of training proposal to develop applicant into a productive, independent scientist


• Quality of institution’s sarcoidosis clinical care and research programs

• Institution’s commitment to provide opportunities for career development related to sarcoidosis
Allowable Costs
Budget   Expenditures- Direct Cost Only
Salaries *mentor efforts are NOT covered
Fellow (50-80% effort requested) salary + fringe benefits
Materials and Supplies
This can include cell reagents, arrays, kits, and other lab supplies. Categories must be detailed and explained when supplying the budget. If research includes animals, budget should include number of animals expected to be used, price for the animals, and per diem for animal care, as well as details on the length of time the animals will be used for.
Publication costs and number of expected publications should be outlined
Detailed outline of conferences the fellow is planning to attend and the average cost of attendance.

2022-2024 Timeline for Applicants

March 15, 2022                               Deadline for applications

March 15 - April 29  2022           Review

May 2022                                   Decision Notification

May – June 30                            Host Institute/FSR Agreement Process and Funding Payment

July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2024    Fellowship at Host Institution


Pathways to Apply:

TYPE 1: Mentor-supported application from Fellowship Applicant with a pre-identified institute and project. Project can be new or on-going.

TYPE 2: Application from an Institute/Mentor seeking a Fellow to match with a pre-identified sarcoid-specific project.


· Bi-annual Report: The Fellow and Preceptor will send a bi-annual report of activities. The Preceptor will send a financial report to FSR through Submittable. Periodic evaluations of the Fellow will also be sent to the FSR Research Department through the Awardees post-award Submittable platform.

· Annual Report and Evaluation: All Fellows and Host Preceptors will participate in a colloquium reporting on the experience. This sharing of experiences will help FSR, the host institutions, and the Fellows evaluate the effectiveness of the program and identify possible improvements.

Any resulting publications should acknowledge the support of the host institution and FSR.

Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research